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Goals/Mission Statement


Help People Feel Great While They Recreate!


The purpose of the Sumter County Parks and Recreation Department is to work together in an effort to improve quality of life by providing organized athletic league competition, variety in leisure and recreation programming, clean and safe parks and facilities, and equal opportunity for participation for ALL citizens of Americus and Sumter County, Georgia.


  • Continue to develop quality, organized programs
  • Discover more ways to offer and support a variety of leisure opportunities.
  • Keep all parks and facilities clean and safe.
  • Promote recreation and equal opportunities for play.


As a result of the operation of the Sumter County Parks and Recreation Department, citizens participating in our programs and/or utilizing our facilities will:
  • Prepare himself/herself for higher levels of competition through the involvement in organized athletics.
  • Learn and demonstrate fair play, sportsmanship, team effort and a positive self-image
  • Experience a variety of opportunities to learn, play, share and work together in athletics, recreation activities and special programs.
  • Enjoy a clean and safe environment.
  • Be afforded recreation opportunities made possible through a progressive, shared-cost-responsibility program based on the ability to pay.
  • Experience positive outcomes.


During the operation of the SCPRD, personnel will commit their time, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to establish the SCPRD as one of the best Parks and Recreation Departments in the state of Georgia. We will do this by continuing to:
  • Stress the acquisition and implementation of fundamental skills, and knowledge of rules and regulations in a positive, drug-free sports environment.
  • Promote fair play, sportsmanship, team effort, and play for ALL
  • Offer a variety of experiences through the collaborative efforts of both community and government organizations.
  • Maintain clean and safe parks, facilities, vehicles and equipment.
  • Conduct scheduled maintenance and safety inspections.
  • Support the continuing education of personnel and volunteers in the various components of recreation administration through attendance in workshops, certifications, special training seminars and conferences.
  • Promote recreation participation through community-wide efforts which include the use of multi-media outlets, schools, local business and civic organizations.
  • Offer affordable recreation opportunities to ALL citizens through a progressive, shared-cost-responsibility program based on the ability to pay.
  • Expect the highest form of customer relationships and service attainable.


  • Be a leader in the industry of parks and recreation
  • Communicate with our colleaques and respect their ideas and opinions.
  • Promote and support a team-effort work environment.
  • Be budget conscious and avoid ALL unnecessary expenditures.
  • Be professional public servants.
  • Attend at least one (1) conference/workshop of choice annually with support of the SCPRD
  • Nominate the SCPRD for a GRPA state award.
  • Nominate at least one (1) person for a District III award
  • Recognize individuals and organizations for outstanding community service.